Ile-de-France centre for expertise and resources in sustainable development

ARENE Ile-de-France (Regional Agency for the Environment and New Energies), set up in 1994, is a body working in partnership with the Regional Council. By contributing to the integration of environment and energy matters it takes part in sustainable development implementation in Ile-de-France.

Its means of implementation is based on:

  • raising awareness, disseminating “best practices” and promoting pilot projects,
  • assessing new practices and assisting in experimenting them.

ARENE, thanks to the skills of its team and specialised experts that it sub-contracts, delivers operational and strategic information to local authorities and to regional actors in the Ile-de-France Region.

ARENE disseminates know-how from best practices through tools of communication: site visits, workshops, forums, events, publications, its website...

Furthermore, ARENE provides advice, technical support such as feasibility studies for innovative projects, and in some cases offers financial support.

ARENE is a member of RARE (French Network of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies) and of FEDARENE (European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies).

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